My Favorite Health Apps

iPhones are amazing. They really are. They can do so much, and they come in such a small package, and I seriously do not use mine to its full potential. Let’s be honest here, how many of us use our iPhones (or other smartphones) mainly for browsing Facebook when we’re bored or playing the newest game? I certainly do. Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, but do those apps really improve my life? Yes Probably not. So, I’ve been making the effort to take advantage of my phone and put it to work for me. One of the ways I’m doing this is by using it to improve my health. I have to say, it’s almost kind of sort of working, so I want to share with you a few of my favorite health-related apps. The best part? They’re all free!

1. MyWater

So simple, so brilliant. MyWater is a tool you can use to track how much water you drink. You set a daily goal in either glasses or ounces (don’t worry, it can be set to metric units too), and that goal is displayed at the top of a large, empty glass on the main screen. To track your water, just select your glass size and swipe up. Before using this app, my daily water intake was this weird, vague number that I probably couldn’t tell you even if you threatened me and would almost definitely make a nutritionist cry. Now, I actually drink water! And while this means I pee every five minutes, I do feel healthier.

2. Lift

Lift is an app designed to help you build habits. It’s not just for health-related endeavors, but it is quite handy for them. To use it, create a list of habits, and then every time you do one, simply check it off. You can come up with the habits yourself or browse the examples. Lift also allows you to see how frequently you complete the habit each week. A nice aspect of this app is that anyone else who also has the habit on their list can give you “props” for completing it. For my own health-purposes, I have the habits of “Be Active”, “Eat More and Better”, “Yoga or stretching”, and “Take Iron Pills”. You can also set personal reminders for each of the habits, which is particularly helpful because the app lets you choose which days and time you want to be reminded on.

3. Clue

Sorry non-menstrating readers, but this is a period tracking app, and it is wonderful. Clue keeps track of your average cycle length as well as any hormonal symptoms you might be experiencing throughout the month. It’s designed to help you better predict your menstrual cycle, and the longer you use it, the more accurate it becomes. If you’re trying to get pregnant (or trying really hard not to get pregnant), it also tracks your “fertile window”, and you have the option to mark every day that you have protected or unprotected sex. I’ve only been using it for about a month or so, but it’s been pretty fun so far.


Society6 iPhone Cases

I’ve been looking for a new iPhone case to replace my the (significantly) beat up one I’ve got now. Now, I take phone cases very seriously. My white iPhone 5 is gorgeous, and I hate to cover it up with something ugly, even if it is in the name of protection. That’s why I was super happy when I stumbled upon Society6’s selection of cases. I can’t vouch for the quality (never having seen them in person), but they sure are pretty. Here are my favorites: Image1.Image2.Image3.Image 4.

More of my favorites can be found on my Pinterest!