Fall Lovelies

Is there really anything better than autumn? I’ll spare you the details (I’m sure we can all admit it’s the absolute best season), but in honor of this marvelous time I thought I’d share a few fall-esque items I’m diggin’ right now.

Autumn List

1. This Miss Selfridge Dress:

Ok so I’m aware that fall isn’t necessarily always associated with party dresses, but it really should be. Is there really any better time to wear this little number?

2. These boots:

Obviously. It’s fall. Boots are a necessity, especially if where you live is anything like where I live (i.e. it’s raining constantly). Also look how shiny they are.

3. Trader Joe’s Chai Tea:

I’m in the process of trying to break my coffee habit (just as school is starting to pick up. Probably not my greatest idea), but I still need something to warm me up in those morning (and let’s be honest, afternoon) classes. I picked up some of this stuff just a few days ago, and I’m already well into the box. Whoops.

4. This H&M blanket: 

I wish I could just wear this blanket for the rest of my life. So damn cozy.

5. This scarf:

Same. Also cozy. But could also potentially let you live out your fantasies of being a cowgirl without actually having to deal with cows.


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