Kitty Party

Cat Collage

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

My little sister is turning 11 in two weeks, and while I’m missing her birthday (living across the country from my family strugs), the party planner in me still can’t help but daydream of how she should celebrate. As soon as I saw this fantastic cake from Coco Cake Land, I was in love. Cat Party. How great would that be? For this party, I’m thinking lots and lots of bright bright colors and just piles of desserts. Probably wouldn’t make the parents too happy, but hey, kid’s birthday parties are designed for gorging yourself on sugar. There’d be face painting (of course) and every kid would get a headband with kitty ears on it to wear.

Sadly, my little sister does not seem as enthralled with this idea as I am. She wants to go to a water park or something. But hey, that means this theme is up for grabs with my next birthday rolls around ­čÖé


Wanting on Wednesday: 6/11

I’ve never been the┬átype to look down on wanting things.┬áSure, things can’t make you happy in any lasting, big picture, permanent sense of the term, but sometimes they sure can make your day. Here’s what I’ve been wanting this week:

1. The Date Triangle Bra


Summer is just too damn hot for real bras. This one is much nicer for those humid afternoons than any underwire could ever hope to be. Plus, it’s adorable.

2. Deep Tea Diver Infuser


I know I was just complaining about the heat, but a good cup of tea is for any time of the year. And let’s be honest, sometimes that air conditioner works just a little too well. Just stick some of your favorite tea leaves in this little guy and send him on his way down.

3. Slick Kitty Reversible Sleep Mask


I have roommates. Lots of them. I also have an internship that requires me to wake up at an ungodly hour ┬áin the morning. If I had this mask to help me get to sleep early, I’m sure I’d be much cuter ┬áin the mornings. If only because I had a mask on that made me look like a kitty.

4. Brown Paper Lunch Bag


Bringing your lunch to work is awesome and economical. Putting it in a bag like this gives you ~street creed~. Probably.

5. Tank Top


Pretty tank tops like this almost make the  heat worth it. Almost.