Summer in Prague


I’m currently sitting at the Keflavik Airport in Iceland (don’t ask), and in about 3 hours I’ll be boarding a flight back to the US! I’ve been gone for over a month (a month and 5 days, to be exact), so I’m quite excited to be on my way back. At the same time, I’m so sad! This has been by far one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life, and I’m so grateful that I was able to do it, particularly in a place as beautiful as Prague.


In addition to Prague, I also got the chance to travel a few other places. I was in Amsterdam briefly (just a day), I spent a long weekend in Berlin (best nightlife I’ve every experienced by far), a few days wandering in Paris, and, of course, around the Czech Republic.


Of course, I can’t forget the people I met. I was lucky enough to study with about 30 absolutely fantastic people. A month might not seem like enough time to build up a friendship, but considering that we literally spent all of our time together we became pretty close. I’m going to miss them all greatly.

I’m already planning my next trip. I’m thinking South America next. Any suggestions?


(Photo cred for this last one goes to the amazing Leah Kelley)