Funxercise! Hiking


I’m not normally the type of person that enjoys hiking. I feel this is probably because I associate it with my mother waking me up at some ungodly hour during my summer vacations to go trapsing through the foothills with her and one of her middle-aged friends. However, today I decided to wake myself up at some ungodly hour (8am) to go trapsing through the foothills by myself!

Perhaps it’s the introvert in me speaking (it’s definitely the introvert in me speaking), but hiking alone is way more fun, particularly when the trail is basically deserted and there’s no one around to make me feel awkward about talking to myself. The trail I chose actually starts in my neighborhood and goes through the foothills behind it. It’s not the most difficult trail. In fact, I’d say the hardest part of the entire thing was walking up my neighborhood to reach it. Nonetheless, it was a great walk and a wonderful start to my day.

I have to admit that I was quite proud of myself for going alone. I don’t know if hiking alone is one of those things that’s considered “dangerous” for young women to do alone, but it seems like it might be. So as ridiculous as it probably was, I couldn’t help but feel a bit “I am woman, hear me roar” as I stood above my city.

Of course, I did spend quite a bit of time absolutely convinced I was about to run into a mountain lion or rattlesnake. Still, I did it. All by myself. Take that patriarchy!


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