Travel Haul

In exactly one week I will be leaving the US to embark upon my month long study abroad in Prague. Now while I’m trying to save my money for the trip, I did need to buy a few things before I left.

photo 2

These two items admittedly might be the only things I got that could really be described as “necessitites”. The first is a travel towel. The apartment where I will be living comes completely stocked with everything I could possibly need, except for a towel. I didn’t want to pack just any old regular towel as I’m only bringing a carry on sized suitcase and have precious little room. That’s where travel towel comes in. Travel towels are made of microfiber cloth, meaning they dry quickly and are no bigger than a shirt when folded up. Mine is an adorable purple and just a tad smaller than a typical towel I would use at home. It also came with a nifty mesh carrying case that I will probably never use. Next, I bought an adaptor plug so I can plug my electronics into those wacky European outlets. Every electronic I’m bring is dual voltage, so I didn’t buy a voltage converter. Those are definitely necessary for single-voltage electronics though. I still haven’t gotten over frying my hair straightener in Paris when I was 15.

Towel: REI; 17.50    Adaptor: REI; 3.50

photo 3

This group is admittedly a bit more frivolous, but still important! First, I got the L’Oreal Infallible Super Slim Liner. I wanted a liner that would travel easily without getting all over my makeup bag or require sharpening. Most importantly, though, I wanted a liner that wouldn’t melt off my face during my European adventures. This one boosts a 12 hour lifespan, so hopefully I’ll get to spend more time looking at the sights and less time looking at myself in the mirror. Second, I got Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes. I’ll have about three days of traveling before I actually arrive in Prague, so I needed something to keep myself looking/feeling decent during the trip. I absolutely can’t stand the feeling of a dirty face, so I’m sure I’ll be a much happier camper with these in my bag. Finally, I got Essie’s Sunday Funday. I think this is a somewhat new color, but it’s a fairly standard coral. What I didn’t notice in the store is that it’s just ever so slightly sparkly, but I consider this a pleasant surprise. I wanted to get a color that I could wear on my fingers for pretty much the entire trip. I think this one will serve quite nicely. Plus, summer is the only time I’m dark enough to wear coral, so I might as well take advantage of it.

Liner: L’Oreal Infallible; Target; 8.49    Facial Wipes: Yes to Cucumbers; Target; 2.99    Nail Polish: Essie; Target; 7.79

photo 4

This is a boring group, but, again, necessary. I found these adorable tissue for a dollar, so I figured why not buy them? Everyone needs tissues, right? I also stocked up on every 3 oz bottle I could find. I know I’m going to have to buy Czech products while I’m there (darn you TSA), but there are certain American products that I couldn’t risk going without.

Tisues: Target; 1    Bottles: Target; 0.97 each

photo 5

This is most definitely my favorite item I bought. I fly standby, so I have to look nice when I travel. I didn’t need to buy a new dress for that, but I figured I’d celebrate. Plus, I’m going to be wearing it for three days until I can get to Prague, so I figured I better like it. And like it I do. It fits perfectly and hits me at exactly the right length. I also love how the pattern is bright and floral without being too overwhelming.

Dress: Forever 21; 27.99


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