Summer Essentials


Summer for me is a time of minimal makeup and a whole lot of skincare. Winter is of course notorious for drying out skin, but I’ve always found that summertime is when I notice it the most. Maybe it’s the allergies or maybe it’s the fact that my skin just isn’t so covered up, but either way this is the season where I focus on keeping it happy and my whole look simple. Here are a few things that help:

1. Burt’s Bees Hand Salve – Don’t let the name fool you, put this on any dry spot you might have and watch it work wonders. It definitely feels greasy at first, but once it soaks through the skin even the scaliest of problem spots are so much softer. I do put this one my hands (of course), but my favorite spot is actually my toes. The knuckles on my toes are really dry and it’s a big problem during sandals season. This little salve kicks that problem in the butt and smells amazing too. It’s a very herb and oil-esque smell, almost like something you’d stick under your nose when you have a cold except so much better. I genuinely want some of this as a perfume, and I probably go through so much simply so I can smell it on my hands.

2. Nude Dude Eyeshadow in Fit – If you have blue eyes like me, this is the perfect little shadow. I’m not big on eye shadow. I’ve never learned how to do it properly, but I do think this one is perfect for an easy, on its own color. It’s a nice orangey bronze that really makes my eye color pop and makes for the perfect easy summer make up look.

3. Klorane Smoothing and Relieving Patches – This is certainly more of an indulgent product. I’ve always had awful allergies, but this year’s been particularly harsh, especially on my eyes. When they are angry and red and swollen, I still some of these puppies on and instantly feel so. Damn. Relaxed. These patches feeling almost like gel and help to reduce swelling with their perfectly cool formula.

4. John Frieda Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray– I should probably use this stuff more in the winter when my hair goes practically brunette, but the summer is when I’m really looking for that sun kissed blonde look. As I get older and can’t spend literally all of summer outside (damn you office jobs), I go for the bottle stuff. This stuff can be a bit harsh, so don’t use too much, but once or twice a week I’ll spray it in and then blow dry my hair. It’s like a grown up lemon juice – its activated by heat and works to subtly lighten hair if you don’t want to bother with a full dye.

5. Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Moisturizer – This moisturizer was a game changer. Not only did it help clear up some seriously stubborn acne, but it also just makes me look and feel over all more healthy and awake.


Fall Lovelies

Is there really anything better than autumn? I’ll spare you the details (I’m sure we can all admit it’s the absolute best season), but in honor of this marvelous time I thought I’d share a few fall-esque items I’m diggin’ right now.

Autumn List

1. This Miss Selfridge Dress:

Ok so I’m aware that fall isn’t necessarily always associated with party dresses, but it really should be. Is there really any better time to wear this little number?

2. These boots:

Obviously. It’s fall. Boots are a necessity, especially if where you live is anything like where I live (i.e. it’s raining constantly). Also look how shiny they are.

3. Trader Joe’s Chai Tea:

I’m in the process of trying to break my coffee habit (just as school is starting to pick up. Probably not my greatest idea), but I still need something to warm me up in those morning (and let’s be honest, afternoon) classes. I picked up some of this stuff just a few days ago, and I’m already well into the box. Whoops.

4. This H&M blanket: 

I wish I could just wear this blanket for the rest of my life. So damn cozy.

5. This scarf:

Same. Also cozy. But could also potentially let you live out your fantasies of being a cowgirl without actually having to deal with cows.

Kitty Party

Cat Collage

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

My little sister is turning 11 in two weeks, and while I’m missing her birthday (living across the country from my family strugs), the party planner in me still can’t help but daydream of how she should celebrate. As soon as I saw this fantastic cake from Coco Cake Land, I was in love. Cat Party. How great would that be? For this party, I’m thinking lots and lots of bright bright colors and just piles of desserts. Probably wouldn’t make the parents too happy, but hey, kid’s birthday parties are designed for gorging yourself on sugar. There’d be face painting (of course) and every kid would get a headband with kitty ears on it to wear.

Sadly, my little sister does not seem as enthralled with this idea as I am. She wants to go to a water park or something. But hey, that means this theme is up for grabs with my next birthday rolls around 🙂

Wanting on Wednesday: 6/11

I’ve never been the type to look down on wanting things. Sure, things can’t make you happy in any lasting, big picture, permanent sense of the term, but sometimes they sure can make your day. Here’s what I’ve been wanting this week:

1. The Date Triangle Bra


Summer is just too damn hot for real bras. This one is much nicer for those humid afternoons than any underwire could ever hope to be. Plus, it’s adorable.

2. Deep Tea Diver Infuser


I know I was just complaining about the heat, but a good cup of tea is for any time of the year. And let’s be honest, sometimes that air conditioner works just a little too well. Just stick some of your favorite tea leaves in this little guy and send him on his way down.

3. Slick Kitty Reversible Sleep Mask


I have roommates. Lots of them. I also have an internship that requires me to wake up at an ungodly hour  in the morning. If I had this mask to help me get to sleep early, I’m sure I’d be much cuter  in the mornings. If only because I had a mask on that made me look like a kitty.

4. Brown Paper Lunch Bag


Bringing your lunch to work is awesome and economical. Putting it in a bag like this gives you ~street creed~. Probably.

5. Tank Top


Pretty tank tops like this almost make the  heat worth it. Almost.

We’re Having a Fabulous Time

I love party planning. In fact, it’s my third choice career (after lawyer and astrophysicist). I wish I had the time and the money (and let’s be honest, the friends) to throw amazing parties every week. Alas, I do not. But I can dream! Which is what Pinterest is for, right? My Party Time board is probably a little too big, but one of my favorite things to do is go on there and plan imaginary parties that I will probably never throw. Here’s some ideas for one such party:



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6?

I’m really not sure what you would call the theme of this party. Fabulous maybe? I’m going with that. Basically, I want this party to be about having fun and drinking champagne. I’m picturing a girl’s night with lots of gold and probably too many balloons. I like the idea that the colors would all be pretty neutral (think creme), until slicing into the cake. And of course, wearing a crown just makes everything a little more fabulous.

My Fall Wish List

Fall is by far my favorite season for clothes. I love the cold and the knits and the layering that comes with the end of summer. So, naturally, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks lusting after various clothing items. Here are some of my favorites:

H&M Cable Knit Sweater


Come on, who doesn’t love a good cable knit sweater? It’s a classic, and this one looks particularly cozy. Personally, I think the light blue would look awesome with my favorite pair of black pants.

Hunters Welly Socks


Before I moved to Oregon, I took the plunge and bought myself a pair of bright red Hunters rain boots. While they’re probably the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought, they’re probably also my favorite. These socks look soft and magical, and I love the idea of the bright red of my boots clashing with the dark ruby of the socks.

Ankle Strap Flats


I have to admit, I was skeptical of the ankle straps trend at first. No longer. I am fully onboard the ankle straps train. Occasionally it stops raining here long enough for me to wear shoes other than boots, and the next time that happens I want these babies on my feet.

Disco Pants


When I showed these to my friends, they rolled their eyes and said that of course I would want a pair of these. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a pair of these? I would rock these every day if I could, and when I died, I would pass them onto my grandchildren so that they, too, could rock them. What’s not to love? They’re shiny, tight, and could be pair with probably everything I own. Probably.




I almost never wear earrings because I think they make my face look weird. When I do, I like them simple and small. This pack manages to be both those things and also fun! Plus cats!


My Favorite Health Apps

iPhones are amazing. They really are. They can do so much, and they come in such a small package, and I seriously do not use mine to its full potential. Let’s be honest here, how many of us use our iPhones (or other smartphones) mainly for browsing Facebook when we’re bored or playing the newest game? I certainly do. Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, but do those apps really improve my life? Yes Probably not. So, I’ve been making the effort to take advantage of my phone and put it to work for me. One of the ways I’m doing this is by using it to improve my health. I have to say, it’s almost kind of sort of working, so I want to share with you a few of my favorite health-related apps. The best part? They’re all free!

1. MyWater

So simple, so brilliant. MyWater is a tool you can use to track how much water you drink. You set a daily goal in either glasses or ounces (don’t worry, it can be set to metric units too), and that goal is displayed at the top of a large, empty glass on the main screen. To track your water, just select your glass size and swipe up. Before using this app, my daily water intake was this weird, vague number that I probably couldn’t tell you even if you threatened me and would almost definitely make a nutritionist cry. Now, I actually drink water! And while this means I pee every five minutes, I do feel healthier.

2. Lift

Lift is an app designed to help you build habits. It’s not just for health-related endeavors, but it is quite handy for them. To use it, create a list of habits, and then every time you do one, simply check it off. You can come up with the habits yourself or browse the examples. Lift also allows you to see how frequently you complete the habit each week. A nice aspect of this app is that anyone else who also has the habit on their list can give you “props” for completing it. For my own health-purposes, I have the habits of “Be Active”, “Eat More and Better”, “Yoga or stretching”, and “Take Iron Pills”. You can also set personal reminders for each of the habits, which is particularly helpful because the app lets you choose which days and time you want to be reminded on.

3. Clue

Sorry non-menstrating readers, but this is a period tracking app, and it is wonderful. Clue keeps track of your average cycle length as well as any hormonal symptoms you might be experiencing throughout the month. It’s designed to help you better predict your menstrual cycle, and the longer you use it, the more accurate it becomes. If you’re trying to get pregnant (or trying really hard not to get pregnant), it also tracks your “fertile window”, and you have the option to mark every day that you have protected or unprotected sex. I’ve only been using it for about a month or so, but it’s been pretty fun so far.

Lemon Berry Smoothie

I’m a big fan of the experimental approach to making smoothies, which basically means I shove everything that sounds good into a blender and hope it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t, but oh boy, today it did.



  • Mixed Berries
  • Strawberry or Mixed Berry Yogurt
  • Lemonade
  • A Dash of Peanut Butter

Blend together until you get your desired consistency, and voila!